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Professor Doctor Joseph Obi , the Most Excellent State Counsellor of Biafra , is currently assisting Embattled (and Shamed or Disgraced) UK Medical Doctors to get Back on Track.

UK NHS Doctors with General Medical Council (GMC) or Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) Hearings can now get Expert Phone Advice , Comprehensive Professional Guidance , Intensive Educational Support and Regular (Survival-Focused) Personal Empowerment.

This Free Service is primarily run by (Fully Accredited) International Regulatory Consultants.

Doctor Obi also (Lawfully) Assists the Following Categories of Medical School Dropouts to Legitimately get their Medical Careers back on Track :

* Former Med School Course Students.

* Ex Medical Studies Undergraduates.

* GMC Rejects , NHS Misfits and MPTS Cast-Offs

* Dropouts from University Medicine Programmes.

* Medical Schools Council (MSC) MD Blacklisted Candidates or MBBS Rejects


According to the Sunday Times (27th of August 2017):

Nearly 1,600 of Britain’s brightest students have been asked to leave medical degrees or have dropped out in the past five years, costing the taxpayer millions.

Data from more than 30 medical schools, released under freedom of information laws, reveals that nearly 1,200 British students, most with top grades at A-level, left with no qualification.

Others changed course or were awarded a BSc.

One expert spoke of an “epidemic” of mental health problems among students and said more support was needed.

Another, Professor of education said: “This level of attrition is a terrible waste of public money as well as being desperately sad for the individuals concerned.”

It costs about £250,000 to Train a Doctor in the UK (at Basic Medical School Degree Level).


Finally (For The Record) : Apart From (All) That is Included in the Above (Media New) Profile , Please (Furthermore) Be (Rightfully) Advised that Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi is Also Actively , (and Formidably) , Involved in the (Ethical) Professional (and Regulatory) Rehabilitation of Distressed Medical Students , Embattled Medical Doctors and Maverick Medical Professors ; most especially those who have been Probed , Quizzed , Shamed , Humiliated , Victimized , Blackmailed and Disgraced (etc).

The Perennial Shortage of National Health Service (NHS) Doctors in the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) , most especially due to (Never-Ending) Allegations of Institutional Bias at the General Medical Council (GMC) ; has now become a Major Public Health Hazard , of a Highly Preventable Nature.

Alas , Partly Due To (Consistently) Dilute Parliamentary Oversight at Westminster : It is Now Supremely Evident that (Consistently) Unfit UK Medical Regulation (Consistently) Appears to be Making Things (Consistently) Worse.

Doctor Obi Therefore (Judiciously) Avers that it is (Fundamentally) Essential for All (Regional and Central) British Governments , (in England , Wales , Scotland and Northern Ireland etc) , to Adequately Support (and Judiciously Rehabilitate) All (Present and Future) UK Medical Professionals , (within their Respective Nations) , Who May (or May Not) have Fallen Short of Prevailing (or Historical) Regulatory (or Academic) Standards ; irrespective of the External Colour of Their Skin.

Frequently Importing International Medical Doctors , on an Industrial (Commercial) Scale , from Abroad into the UK , WILL NEVER EVER Solve the (Extremely Alarming) Problem of (Chronic) NHS Doctor Shortages ; most especially when you (Shockingly) have Thousands (and Thousands) of Qualified Medical Doctors who are Already in the UK , but who are Not (Professionally) Working because of Institutional Regulatory Racism.

To This Effect (from a Public Health Expert's Point of View) : A Much More Sensible (and Sustainable) Approach would therefore be to Train , Retrain , Retain , Support and Rehabilitate THOSE (COUNTLESS) MEDICAL DOCTORS (AND MEDICAL STUDENTS) WHO ARE ALREADY IN THE UK ; before (Graciously) Looking Elsewhere for Others.

Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM (Dublin) | Advice

Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM (Dublin) | Advice

Joseph Obi