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Professor Joseph Obi | Offical Title Update | Cardinal Provost-in-Chief | Dr Joseph Obi

1000001 (A Million and One) Amazing Aristocratic Titles of The Supreme High Quack , Professor Joseph Obi.

Title Of The Second ( Please Do Not Even Bother To Keep Track Of Them )

* The Most Excellent Joseph Chikelue Obi | Cardinal Provost-in-Chief

This Particular Title has been Sourced Directly from :

The Hallowed Scroll of the Fountain of Honour (Fons Honorum) ,

Quackingham Palace ,

Quackopolis Square ,

Royal Borough of Quackingham ,

Postcode Q1 DUCK ,

Imperial Realm of the QuackoSphere .

* Kindly Always Remember that , (Under International Quack Law) , Professor Obi is Totally Compelled to have Graciously Used Every Single One of his Aforementioned 1000001 Titles ; (At Most) Every 1000001 Seconds.

*This Essentially Boils Down to an Accredited Recurring Rate of (At Least) : One Aristocratic Title Per Second.

. . . So Help Him God . . .

Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM (Dublin) | Advice